About us

We are a young European brand. Enthusiastic couple keen on natural movement and design.Our feet carry us all our lives and constantly ground us. Our goal is to awaken and activate their function and their potential. Healthy feet have a positive effect on the posture and breathing. Help us produce shoes which respect our bodies.

Regain strength of your feet

We are a small start-up interested in a healthier way of walking. We want to produce functional, high-quality, and healthy footwear which respects the natural movement of our bodies. We have three options:
Basic - low ability to absorb shocks, maximal flexibility, suitable for experienced barefoot shoes users.
Trek - versatile sandals for any adventure. Great for exploring a city and everyday outdoor activities.
Soft - high ability to absorb shocks, suitable for barefoot beginners.

Why Kickstarter?

We would like to expand and make our production more efficient. In order to continue developing our company, we need your help. We see great potential to open to the international community. You can move us forward. We offer you to become part of the development team, not just a pair of sandals, but to create with us our stories. Only through Kickstarter you can buy Nallu shoes for a better price. Subscribe and we will let you know when it's hot.